Who am I

My name is Pavel Rebrov and I'm a strategic technical consultant for global media companies, brands and enterprises.

Based in Singapore, customer-facing and consumer centric digital technologist with engineering and entrepreneurial background. Over 18 years of work experience in Product Management, Pre-Sales and Customer Success in Marketing and Video tech.

Currently I provide technical & business expertise to prospects and customers of Brightcove, a leading professional Online Video Platform.

What's on this page

This page is a static HTML that integrates Twilio JS SDK and a private API at api.0dd.me.

If the browser you're using supports WebRTC, you'll be able to dial me straight from the browser using Twilio JS SDK. You can also fill in a callback request form and Twilio will send me an SMS notification right away. If you call me from the browser, I'll receive the call to my mobile phone. If I can't take te call, you'll be prompted to leave a message.

Page itself is built with Milligram, a minimalist CSS framework and vanilla JS.

api.0dd.me is a Python Flask app. It runs on Linode and uses Twilio Python SDK. Most of this stuff is assembled from docs and tutorials.

I know there are some gaping holes to fill, like API auth, error handling, a ton of edge cases to work around and refactor the app to make it modular. However, purpose of this page is to demo my ability to quickly understand and prototype a service using external APIs. GitHub repo for the API, btw.

It took me a single weekend to put the whole thing together.

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