Nice to meet you

First post is the toughest one. One doesn’t know what to write about and blank page is plain scary. But best time to stop procrastinating and actually write something is just about now, so here I am.

Please allow me to introduce myself. I’m Pavel, was born in Russia and now live in Singapore. I’m a Regional Manager at Capptain, a mobile marketing automation platform.

I’ve been tinkering with technology for most of my life since my father and I assembled a ZX-Spectrum in 1991 or so. In those early days I wrote a few Basic, Pascal and Prolog programs, created my first website in 1995 and ever since was obsessed with communication technologies, which gradually brought me from hardware networking to actual user engagement.

In early 2000s I was laying down LAN’s for industrial automation purposes, maintaining Cisco boxes and configuring E1’s at a local telco and doing all kinds of engineering things. Since 2004 I was a product manager and business developer of multi-screen Telco TV solutions, in 2006 co-founded a Social Customer Insights Research company, in 2009 co-founded a Streaming OTT Service Provider. Now I’m in Data-Driven Marketing.

Given all that you probably already have an idea on what I’m interested in. If we put it into keywords, that’d be Digital Marketing, Digital Video, OTT, VoD, Data-Driven Marketing, Mobile User Engagement, Social Media, Startups, Entrepreneurship.

In addition you can expect a fair bit of “Russian noob in Asia” genre here so please don’t get offended if I say something stupid. I’m actually nice, curious and not at all arrogant, but being a Russian I do tend to be very straight-forward and direct in expressing opinions.

Again welcome, I hope we become friends and come back soon!


You’re already here, good!

Come back next week though, I’m still doing some plumbing.